Method for setting GRIND MASTER emery stones (Grinding Stones) into the flour mills

  1. Check the face of both stones properly before fitting into the flour mill.
  2. To fit the Fix stone, check the depth of hole, so that you can fix the bolt according to depth. This will prevent the plates and guniya coming out of the stone.
  3. While fixing the Runner Stone with the shaft, do not let the plates be damaged by striking of stones by hammer. Fit the shaft carefully and cautiously, without throwing it on the ground or striking it with any hard tool. Secure the stone to the seat of the shaft properly with shafting bolts. Now let the shaft pass through the hole of the runner stone, and be sure that it is in correct position
  4. Do not grind the stones, without feeding anything into the mill. If you do so, the face of the stones gets damage.
  5. Never run stones empty after fitting them in the flour mill. Use either sand/ maize or water as per requirement.


Necessary steps for the Optimum utilization of Emery Stones:


  1. Always note down the Voltage meter reading while fitting the new stone and check the readings regularly. When the reading reaches 400 volts, Proper chipping of stones becomes necessary.
  2. Emery Stone’s vessel (Naali) should be deep enough so that the air between the stone keeps passes and prevents stone from getting hot. It will also keep the flour at minimum temperature. This improves the life of stone as well the quality of the flour.
  3. Whenever you open the mill, clean off the flour which may have coagulated around the Fixed Stones, so that there remains no possibility of the stone getting damaged.
  4. While making adjustments, press the lever very gently, so that the stones do not become hot and danger of damaging the faces of the stones is eliminated.