Bharat Artificial Stone Works’ uncompromising approach towards quality and superior technology has made its products the top choice of emery mill stone and power flour mills.

It is the quality of our products which has made us different from others in the market. We trade in the most durable and superior quality products. Over the years of our operations, our company has grown stronger due to its quality conscious approach and has set up new standards of quality and excellence throughout the world. Our uncompromising quality standards, unparalleled services and individual attention have helped us to achieve our objective of total customer satisfaction.

A strict quality control checks are done at each and every stage of production very carefully right from the procurement of the raw material till the final delivery of the product in the market. Every consignment of raw materials used in making emery stones is thoroughly checked by ensuring the test certificate. Each and every Flour Mill & Stone is well tested under supervision of highly experienced personnel and supervisors. This makes our products highly dependable and reliable.

All these Stringent Quality measures puts our products “GRIND MASTER” and “BAS CHANDAN” at the one of the top brands in food processing Industries. By high quality executions, we have reached a high level of recognition and looking to serve more customer base globally